Anti Lock for iOS | Stop apps getting revoked on iPhone/iPad

Anti Lock for iOS: We are up with yet another amazing article for iOS users. Most of the iOS users will be interested to install “++” applications on their device. These are the apps that will deliver some more features than the regular applications. Later on we had talked about an app called Anti Revoke, which prevents app from getting crashed and revoked.

As per the users request, we are talking about an other app called Anti Lock for iOS. Which will help modded and side loaded apps getting revoked or crashed. We have briefed up the installation process, just follow it up.

Anti Lock iOS without Jailbreak.

Download and Install Anti Lock for iOS without Jailbreak.

Anti Lock for iOS can’t be downloaded from App Store as its a third-party application. But, dont worry as we will help you with the download links. Anti Lock iOS can be installed on iOS devices which aren’t jail broken. We have tried Anti Lock on the following devices using the below steps and its working fine on devices like iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 5, iPhone 7, iPhone 5S,  iPad Air, iPad Pro devices and that too versions like 11, iOS 11.1, 10.3, 10.2.2, iOS 10.2,  10.1.1/10.

Download & Install Anti Lock on iOS 11.1, iOS 11/10+ for iPhone/iPad.

So lets talk about the core topic about the installation process of Anti Lock for iOS. We have briefed up every steps, just follow it up to not to face any issues.

  • Open up default browser on your iOS device and navigate to
  • You will be able to see an Install tab on the page once it gets loaded up. Just click on it and you will get a confirmation message again and tap on Allow.
  • As of the next thing is that you will be redirected to the settings page for the profile selection. Anti Lock’s profile will be shown and you need to tap on Install tab, which is shown as in the below pic. Click on Next and tap on Install again.
Download Anti Lock for iOS without Jailbreak.

Tap on the Install tab to download Anti Lock for iOS

  • If you device pass code, just enter it and it will lead to the “confirmation” screen. Click on Next and you will get a warning pop up regarding VPN and Unsigned profile. Just press on Install and continue.
  • Again a confirmation message will pop and just tap on the Install button and continue.
  • Tap on Done and the Anti Lock will get installed on your iOS device right away. You can check it by navigating to home screen and you will be able to see the Anti Lock icon.

Anti Lock iOS App Setup on iPhone/iPad without JailBreak.

So if you dont know how to setup Anti Lock, just follow up the below given steps.

  • Once you open Anti Lock app right away after installing, you will get an update screen. Just ignore it and tap on “X” on the right corner.
  • You will be changed to the next screen and there you could see an ON tab and thats it, the app is working fine.

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Hope this article on Download and Install AntiLock for iOS on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak have helped you out. If you face any queries regarding the installation process, just follow it through the comments.


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