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AntiRevoke for iOS: We have got a lot of messages regarding a query on how to prevent 3rd party applications from getting crashed or revoked in iOS devices. So we are up here with a solution for this query and its working amazingly on iOS 11, 11.1, iOS 10.3 and 10.2 and other iOS versions too. AntiRevoke is the application which will help you to prevent third party applications from getting crashed or revoked.

We will guide you on how to download and install AntiRevoke on your iOS devices without any jailbreak. Most of the iOS users would have faced a pop like “app got revoked or crashed” while using any 3rd party applications. But this application called AntiRevoke will solve up your issue in a simple way. We will brief up each and every steps, just follow it.

Install the latest AntiRevoke on your iOS devices without Jailbreak.

We have tested AntiRevoke on some popular 3rd party apps like vShare , AppValley on devices like iPhone 6s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 7, iPad Air, iPad Pro devices and that too versions like 11, 10.3, 10.4 10.2.2, iOS 10.2,  10.1.1, 10.1. As the latest iOS version iOS 11 got released, we have updated the article to download AntiRevoke for iOS 11 and 11.1 beta.

Install AntiRevoke on iOS 11 & 10+ for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak.

  • First of all, open the default browser on your iDevice and navigate to this URL
  • Once the page gets loaded up, you will be able to see an Install Profile tab on the page. Just tap on it and you will get a confirmation message and click on Allow.
  • Now it will be redirected to the profile installation in the settings page. Just tap on the Install tab which can be seen on the top corner, and in the second pop up tap on Next and then on Install tab again.
Antirevoke for iOS

Download and Install AntiRevoke for iPhone/iPad.

  • Now just wait for few minutes and the profile will be installed automatically and click on done to finish the process.
Latest Antirevoke for iOS

Click done and Antirevoke is installed on your device.

  • Now the installation process is completely down and its time to set the app to prevent the applications from crash close. We have briefed the steps below, just follow it up.

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AntiRevoke iOS App Setup on Phone/iPad.

In order to check whether the installed AntiRevoke is working fine or not, we need to follow up the below steps.

  • First of all navigate to the settings page and then click on VPN.
  • In the options if you see AntiRevoke Official then everything is done perfectly and inorder to set the app, go to Settings page and from there select VPN. Tap on the AntiRevoke official tab and you will be able to see an option like connect on demand. Just enable it and the app will work fine.

Each time you reboot your device, it will become unfunctional. Just follow up the below step inorder to make it functional again.

  • By pressing the lock button of your device just lock and unlock it. AntiRevoke App will get functional again.

Hope this article on Download Install AntiRevoke on iOS for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak have helped you out. If you have any queries, just follow it up through the comments.

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