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TuTu Helper: Hey guys we are up here with an another awesome article on “How to download and install Tutu Helper Free on your iOS  11, 10.1, iOS 10.2,  iOS 10.3/10.1.1/10+ iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak“. There are alot of alternative applications what tutu helper does, but tutu app have fixed their roots in the market and gained popularity of its own.

TuTu App shows up alot of tweaked and modded iOS applications which can be downloaded of free of cost. In this article we will brief up on the steps to download and install Tutu Helper on your iOS device without jailbreak. Tutu Helper is the most updated version of Tutuapp.

Tutu Helper for iOS 11, iOS 10.2, iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.3/10.1.1/10+

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Features of TuTu Helper for iOS 11, iOS 10.3/10.2/10.2.1, iOS 10.2.2/10+ iPhone/iPad

Before going into the installation process, we will list out some amazing features that will make you to try out this application at any cost.

  • The main and most amazing feature of TuTu helper is that the apps and games showcased is completely free.
  • There are two kind of Tutuapp Helper.

Tutuapp.vip: This one is the paid version.

Tutuapp Helper: The regular and free one.

  • If your device is a Jailbroken one, you will be able to use the jailbreak version.
  • The user interface of the application is pretty sleek and simple, where a newbie can access it of easily.
  • Usually there is a language problem in most of the applications like this and in tutu helper its completely in English.

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Install TuTu Helper for iOS 11, 11.1, iOS 10.2.2/10.2.1, iOS 10.3.2/10.1.1 or iOS 11/10+ iPhone/iPad

  • First of all take your default browser in your iOS device and navigate to this link Download Latest TuTuApp
  • If the homepage gets loaded up, you will be able to see 2 options Regular and VIP.

Tap on the regular version of TuTu Helper

  • If you want to use it for free, just select Regular version.
  • Now just tap on the Green download button on the bottom, which is the Regular version and click on Start.

Tap on the Green download button to download tutu Helper

  • You will get a pop window which shows up a message like “Tutuapp.com would like to install” Tutu Helper Regular Version(Free)”.
  • Now just tap on the install button and it will be installed automatically.
  • Once it gets done, just Trust the profile of Tutu Helper from the Device management option.

>Alternative for TuTu Helper: Download HiPStore for iOS 10.1.1/10.1 or iOS 10/9+ iPhone/iPad.


UPDATE: Tutu Helper have launched for iOS 11, iOS 11.1 beta, iOS 10.3, iOS 10.2 and much more versions and if you want to download TuTu Helper on iOS for iPhone/iPad, just follow the above steps and you will be able to do it error free. TuTu Helper for iOS 11 and for iOS 11.1 beta is the most recent launch and follow the above steps to download it.

Thats all, and if you have any issues on “Download and Install TuTu Helper for iOS 10.3.3, 10.3.2, 10.3.1, iOS 11,  iOS 10.2, 10.2.2, iOS 11/10.1.1/10+ iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak , if you have any queries just ping us your queries through the comment option.


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